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Our volunteer Board of Directors is a vibrant group of past and present Expo participants. We have ventured forward in our role to support the growth of this important event and wellness conversations in our community. 

We believe that personal wellness leads to a vibrant life, which is good for families, schools, businesses and our communities.

We believe in leaving behind a better world and our work with the Moncton Wellness Expo is a testament to that vision.

Our Board of Directors

Larry K. Haley - Young Living Essential Oils - Board Member

Larry has enjoyed a long career as a busy and well-respected renovations contractor, but for 25 years, he has also been on journey to improve his health. Facing numerous challenges, he was led to Young Living Essential Oils, which helped to drastically improve his quality of life. Inspired to share his experience and help other people, Larry travelled extensively to train with global leaders and sharpen his skills. Today, Larry shares this knowledge generously as head of the largest Young Living distributorship in our region. He loves helping people achieve their health goals and hearing their success stories, and shares this joy with his wife and soulmate of 42 years, Joanne, their children and grandchildren. Larry says, “Today, at 66 years of age we are the only ones in our families that are free of medication and enjoying a higher quality of life.”

Judy Underhill - Manager, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (Moncton Branch) - Board Member

Judy is a holistic health educator whose passion to live life with purpose drives her message that health is wealth! She is proud to be a part of a school that is a life-changing and empowering experience for so many people. Her work experience includes many years in the business field and holistic health. She became a graduate of CSNN, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) and worked in that field, also teaching as an instructor before the opportunity presented itself to manage CSNN Moncton Branch. She now celebrates more that 10 years in that position. Judy is a consummate learner always with a book in-hand furthering her awareness of health modalities that are empowering. She is a wife and mom to two sons who are now young adults. Her family is a big part of why she pursued holistic health, as family is so important. Judy is honoured and excited to serve on the Board and help the Moncton Wellness Expo grow, connecting the public to the holistic community.

Joanne Rolfe - Owner, Women Rock Midlife - Board Member

Biography coming soon.

Lorinda Weatherall - Complementary Health Mentor - Secretary

Lorinda specializes in Komyo ReikiDo, a Japanese Reiki Style, and offers personalized sessions to clients and small in-depth classes to new and existing students. She has spent 9 years sharing her skills with hospice patients and their families. She loves being of service to people and has shared this joy over a 45-year career in customer service encompassing the banking, food service and holistic health industries, and her professional Reiki practice. For the past seven years, she has been assisting an abused rescue kitty learn that not all humans are bad and is now eagerly awaiting the birth of her first grandchild, who will know her by all the knitting Nana does. Lorinda is keen to help the Moncton Wellness Expo grow and serves as Board Secretary.

Cherie MacLeod - Associate, Max International - Treasurer

Cherie has dedicated her life to projects that empower people and believes participating in the Expo is a brilliant way for people to consider new options for improving their health. She is a true optimist, always seeing the potential for great things and this attitude has served her well in raising two children with health challenges. Cherie and her husband enjoy working together and changing lives through their partnership with Max International. She is a former executive director of a national charity and draws from this experience to support her work with the Expo. She is excited about future opportunities for the Wellness Community, “Great things are on the horizon!”

Jeff MacLeod - Associate, Max International - President

Jeff is a 7-year associate with Max International, working with a premier glutathione technology, RiboCeine. He also is a 33-year aviation veteran, a commercial pilot and Air Traffic Controller, and he adds certified Rescue SCUBA diver to his list of skills. Jeff loves spending time with his 2 children, both with health issues and of course his wife who teaches him so much. He loves helping people find better health and hearing their stories of overcoming challenges. Jeff is excited to see the Moncton Wellness Expo take root as a non-profit organization.

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