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Meet Our Vendors




We are proud to work with people who are passionate, knowledgeable and truly care about other people!

Many of our vendors share a lifelong interest in wellness, while others were compelled by a personal or family member's need for solutions. Wellness is a personal journey. We are fortunate to have many excellent teachers, mentors and providers ready to help! 

Proud to Partner with our Spring 2023 Vendors
2024 Vendors will be announced, February 2024

Amethyst Boutique - Supplying Fine Crystals & Minerals Since 1996

Beloved Miniature Horses - Fostering a Sincere Connection Between Humans and Animals

Blue Cross with Gaétan Lévesque - Providing Innovative Health Solutions

Canada House - Cannabis Therapy founded by Veterans, serving all Canadians

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition - Teaching the Medicine of the Future

Eastern College - Massage Therapy Program: Designed to Provide the Highest Quality Training

Eckankar - The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Tranont - Good Health Starts Here with Nutrition and Beauty. Change Life!

Eye Essentials Mobile Optical with Angela Oulton - Professional Services to Your Location

Fair Haven Funeral Home & Cemetery - Custom Arrangements Focused on Your Needs

Forever Healthy - Allery Elimination | Acupuncture | Emotional Treatments

Haskap Highland Orchards Ltd. - Bursting with Benefits: Yours to Enjoy Nutritional Products

Heart of the Matter Healing with Monique Thebeau

Integrative Healthcare with Reiki - Komyo ReikiDo, Simple & Profound Mind-Body Rebalancing

Kathryn DeNiverville - Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics: Australian Aboriginal Mental Health System for Healing

Young Living Essential Oils with Larry K and Joanne L Haley - Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Soul Enlightenment Centre - Croissance Personnelle et Spirituelle | Personal & Spiritual Growth

Medicalux Private Care - Professional Medical and Aesthetic Services

NaturAtlantic Co. - Dynamic & Respected Producer of Natural Treatments, Medicines & Supplements

Omega Alpha Canada - Human, Pet and Equine Supplements

Pain & Mobility Clinic - Myofascial Release for Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Neck, Back & More

Karen Marine Phytoplankton - Sharing the Life Changing Results of the World's #1 Phytoplankton Brand

New Found Awakening Holisitic Healing Opus - Kambo | Breathwork | Holistic Medicines

Sacred Space with Ashley - Helping Human and Animal Souls through Star Crystal Healing Sessions & Readings

Wanderlust Excursions - Breathing Life into Your Travel Dreams

Savonnerie Olivier Soapery - Natural Skin Care Products

Shine-Briller Life Coaching & Counselling - Life Skills Programs for Children

Sleep Therapeutics - Here to Help You Feel Better!

Thermography Clinic NB - Safe Early Warning System, Power to Change Your Life

Women Rock Midlife - Support for Women: Fatigue | Weight Gain | Hormone Balancing

Norwex with Shanie Cormier and Roxanne LeBlanc - Safer, healthier and more sustainable cleaning and personal care solutions

Jessi Whan - Akashic Record Practitioner

Watkins & Naturals North Creations - Joanne and Fred States

Elizabeth Rose, Deep Trance Channel - Healing & Awakening for Spiritual Seekers

Arbonne with Monica Albert - Nutrition, Skincare, Healthcare

Global Pet Foods - Eat Play Love

Graystone Counselling - Individual & Group Counselling and Equine Assisted Mental Health

Integral Wellness - One Life: Healthier, Happier

Canadian Blood Services - Providing blood, plasma - and transfusion and stem cell registry services on behalf of all provincial and territorial governments (excluding Quebec).

HearCANADA - Take Charge of Your Hearing

John Williston - Reiki Master, Teacher & Healer

Jean-François Pinsonnault - Senior Home Safety Specialist & Author

3 in 1 Clinic - Mind, Body & Spirit - Reflexology – Michelle Gallant-Richards, Grief Recovery Method – Winnie Cormier, Massage Therapy - Lisa LeBlanc

Horsman Readings - Robin Horsman, Just Breathe

Thank you to our 2023 Presenters / Demonstrators / Workshops

Yves Doucet - Keynote Speaker - TEDx Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Culture Coach

Change Your Belief, Heal Your Life - “You do not get what you want in life, we get what you are” - Les Brown?

Yves will explore the fascinating intersection of the placebo effect and wellness. The placebo effect is a powerful demonstration of the mind's ability to influence physical health and has been the subject of much research and debate in the medical community.

At the same time, the pursuit of wellness and optimal health is a fundamental human desire that has led to the development of countless products, treatments, and practices over the years. But what happens when these two concepts intersect? How can the power of the mind be harnessed to improve our physical health and wellbeing?

Yves will share his journey on mindfulness and the implication this effect had on his wellbeing. He will use his experience to illustrate how he changed his belief and mindset, resulting in physiological changes in his body and life. Join Yves as he deep dives into the fascinating world of wellness and mindset, and discover the incredible potential of the mind-body connection to create a new you!

Jessica Dalziel - Canada House

Cannabis Hour: Understanding Key Components for Holistic Healthcare - Canada House is one of the leading cannabis clinics in Canada. With thousands of product options on the recreational market, it can be overwhelming for those looking to self-medicate. Come and learn the different components of cannabis utilized for symptom management for several medical conditions from LPN Jenny Leblanc and LPN Jessica Dalziel. They will be discussing cannabinoids, terpenes, methods of intake, and more, and how they are applied for optimal symptom relief.

Danica Gautreau - Medicalux - What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is great for longevity and vitality and can be beneficial in treating inflammation, stubborn infections, wound healing, and even chronic pain. Join us to learn about an innovative treatment for many health conditions.

Kim Munroe - Sleep Therapeutics

Making Sleep your Superpower - Sleep impacts everything you do. A good night's sleep is instrumental in having a productive happy life. Poor sleep can have severe impacts on your health, safety, relationships and overall well being. In this session you will learn why we sleep, what happens while you sleep, signs and symptoms of common sleep disorders, treatments and tips and tricks on how to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Poor sleep does not have to be your “normal”. Join Kim and learn how to wake up rested, recovered and ready to start each day!

Kim Munroe is the National Director of Sales and Marketing and co-creator of the Sleep First employee education program for Sleep Therapeutics. Sleep is what get’s Kim out of bed in the morning and her passion is sharing the power of sleep with employees across Canada!

Marielle DeGrâce - Soul Enlightenment Centre

Become a Beacon Light to the World! - Develop your inner light and become the beacon light that the world needs so much. Marielle DeGrace is a teacher, author, lecturer and spokesperson for the spiritual world.

Ashley Knowles - Sacred Space with Ashley

Self Love - We will define the deeper meanings behind these acronyms and explore the Four Quadrants of SELF and the Five Principles of LOVE.

Louise Jacob - Shine-Briller Life Coaching/Counselling - How to Juggle the Many Hats We Wear! A creative demonstration to show you how to find a healthy balance through the many roles and responsibilities you have as an adult and to allow your inner child to shine through!

Kathryn Deniverville - Holographic Kinetics

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics, Australian Aboriginal Mental Health System for Healing. Using the Universal Laws or LORE the client's spirit clears past trauma of imbalances to create a harmonious present and future.

Kathryn Speer - Thermography Clinic NB

Take Charge of your Health and See the Invisible

We See Your Pain!

Thermography is the use of digital infrared medical imaging. It involves no-radiation, it is completely non-invasive and poses absolutely no risk to the Client. Thermography is a physiological test which detects changes (how your body is functioning or not functioning) sometimes years before any structural changes (disease) takes place.

  • It can signal that an injury or disease may be present and help in detection

  • It can also signal that injury or disease is developing or may be at risk for developing in the future

What is it often used for? 

  • Breast disease risk assessment & proactive prevention 

  • Detecting effects of estrogen on the breasts

  • Helping determine the cause of pain in the body

  • Assessing risk for sports injury

  • Visualizing circulation to the head or extremities

  • Visualizing spinal nerve function to the extremities

  • Detecting occult dental infection

  • Detecting subclinical thyroid conditions

  • Skin cancer risk assessment

  • Inflammation

Our core focus is Breast & Dental Cranial Thyroid however we also offer Lower Body, Upper Body and Full Body Scans. Scans are covered under private insurance using Naturopathic coverage. Thermography Clinic NB does not direct bill.

Michel Desjardins - ECKANKAR

Find Answers Through Dreams By ECKANKAR - Discover how dreams can guide you in finding answers to difficult life situations. They can also assist you in becoming the master of your life and living with more love and to your fullest potential.

Liette LeBlanc-Brewer & Jodi Johnson - Hospice NB - Let’s Start a Conversation on Death and Dying - As the adage goes: “There’s nothing as certain as death and taxes”. Yet, for too many, we avoid talking about death until confronted with the inevitable. Join us for a conversation on death and dying, and to learn more about services available in our community.

Jean-François Pinsonnault - Ageing Safely in the Home of Your Choice / Vieillir chez soi. Oui, c’est possible! Nearly one hundred percent of seniors wish to remain in the residence of their choice. This resource book highlights hundreds of ideas, suggestions, and tips to safely adapt (often at no or minimal cost) your home environment to your needs and maximize your comfort and safety. / Près de cent pour cent des aînés souhaitent demeurer dans la résidence de leur choix. Ce livre de ressources met en lumière des centaines d'idées, de suggestions et de conseils pour adapter en toute sécurité (souvent sans frais ou à un coût minime) votre domicile à vos besoins et maximiser votre confort et sécurité.

Justin McCarthy - New Found Awakening Opus

Breath and the Amazon Jungle - Breathwork Guide and Kambo Practitioner Justin McCarthy will explain what breathwork is, along with its many benefits. Followed by an introduction to Holistic medicine from the Amazon Jungle of Peru. Holistic Medicine and healing is viewing a whole person; Body, Mind/Emotion, and Spirit.

Elizabeth Rose - Deep Trance Channel

Soul Mates, Soul Backups and Twin Flames - What is the difference between a Soul Mate, Soul Backup and Twin Flame? Elizabeth Rose describes her experiences with each, the challenges and lessons she's learned from each situation.

John Williston - Reiki Master, Teacher & Healer - Introduction to Personal and Spiritual Healing through Reiki

Monique Thebeau - Matter of the Heart Healing - It’s well intentioned to “follow your heart” but if your heart feels broken and exhausted it’s like following a broken GPS, we end up feeling lost and repeating the same behavioral pattern. Let’s stop the heartbreak and instead give ourselves an energetic break, reinstilling peace into our heart and Soul.

Michelle Gallant-Richards - Emotional Fitness Life / Emotional Fitness Institute - Impact Your Life With Emotional Fitness®️ - Discover the benefits of using the 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness to realign your belief system, your emotions and your thoughts to serve you better in the present day, both in your home and work life. Release yourself from reliving traumas, past negative experiences, sabotaging patterns, frustrations and triggers. Become Emotionally Fit with Power, listening for the 21st Century!

Michael Moody, Audiologist: HearCANADA is setting a new standard in hearing care, that’s all about you! We invite you to our discussion about the importance of hearing healthcare checks, as part of our overall health and wellness. Ready to hear it all? Learn how to take charge of your hearing health and break the silence!

Olivier Weil - Optimal Physiology Training, and Integration Expert - Olivier draws his knowledge from over 25 years experience with indigenous wisdom traditions and the fields of human physiology and neuro-endocrine science. Join Olivier for an interactive presentation that will engage you in some of the basic principles that determine the effectiveness of any cultivation practice.

Melika Baccouche - Integrative Hatha Yoga Experience - Melika has 15 years experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor. Join her for an Integrative Hatha Yoga Experience. All body types and ages welcome.

Jamie Cormier - Pound with Integral Wellness - Come join us for the most fun fitness class you'll ever take! Our upbeat and energetic POUND class is perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape while having a good time. We'll be combining a variety of cardio and strength exercises that will help you reach your fitness goals. So come join us and get your body moving!

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