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Meet Our Vendors




We are proud to work with people who are passionate, knowledgeable and truly care about other people!

Many of our vendors share a lifelong interest in wellness, while others were compelled by a personal or family member's need for solutions. Wellness is a personal journey. We are fortunate to have many excellent teachers, mentors and providers ready to help! 

Proud to Partner with our Spring 2024 Vendors

Clinique Energii - Expo Gold Sponsor - Committed to restoring your confidence and vitality and helping you energize your life! Our team of medical professionals excels in deploying state-of-the-art technology to enhance your well-being. Our mission is to help you unlock and maximize your potential, ensuring comprehensive care for your health. We’ve also introduced Parents & Babies Programs to support new and expecting parents on their journey. No matter what path of life you are currently in, we can help energiize it! 

East Coast Sleep Clinic - Expo Silver Sponsor - We offer at-home sleep testing, free trials of CPAP machines and masks. After your AT-HOME sleep test you will be called with the results and your doctor will receive an independently interpreted sleep report within one week. We work to remove any barriers that the client has to getting the rest that they need and deserve.

Ability NB - Opening doors and removing barriers to ensure all New Brunswickers can enjoy the full benefits of the places where we live, work, and play.
Amethyst Boutique - Supplying Fine Crystals & Minerals Since 1996 with expertise and passion for the finest rocks and minerals! 

Angela McKenna Registered Massage Therapist - Pain and stress relief and improve your well-being.

Arbonne with Christine Larochelle - Clean, conscious & connected. Nutrition, skincare & healthcare.

Be Epic With Natalie - On a mission to help people live their most nourishing life!

Believe Cancer Care Specialty Shop - Helping you and your loved ones navigate dealing with Cancer in comfort and dignity.

Beloved Miniature Horses - Fostering a sincere connection between humans and animals.

Blue Cross with Gaétan Lévesque - Providing innovative health solutions.

Bubbles & Balms - Feel outrageously comfortable in your dry and sensitive skin!

Canadian Blood Services - Providing blood, plasma - and transfusion and stem cell registry services on behalf of all provincial and territorial governments (excluding Quebec).

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition - Nationwide health educators teaching the medicine of the future.

CTFO – Changing the Future Outcome with Michelle Ainuossa - CBD drops & creams, weight loss products, hair growth, pet products and more.

Chocolat Voyageur - Handcrafted bean to bar chocolate made prioritizing organic, local ingredients and fair trade suppliers.

Eastern College - Massage Therapy Program: Designed to provide the highest quality training.

Eckankar - Is there more to life than what you see? Discover Eckankar, the path of spiritual freedom.

Elizabeth Rose, Deep Trance Channel - Healing and awakening for spiritual seekers.

Fair Haven Funeral Home & Cemetery - Custom arrangements focused on your needs.

Flox Hair - Committed to helping people look and feel their best with quality human hair, backed by experience, knowledge and compassion!

Forever Healthy - Allery elimination | Acupuncture | Emotional treatments.

Global Pet Foods NB - Eat. Play. Love. We deliver the best for your pets!

GoodLife Fitness - Workout efficiently. See lasting results - Build lifelong skills - Using a plan that’s custom-made for you!

Graystone Counselling - Individual & group counselling and equine-assisted mental health.

HearCANADA - Take Charge of Your Hearing. Hearing aids and hearing tests.

Integrative Healthcare with Reiki - Komyo ReikiDo, simple and profound mind-body rebalancing.

Isagenix with Megan McEwan and Lori Steeves - Weight Management | Targeted Health | Natural Beauty

JOK Wellness -  Trauma informed, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Akashic Records Practitioner & Teacher | Usui & Violet Flame Reiki Master.

Just by Nature - Bath & body care products made with clean, healthy and safe ingredients.

Lifewave with Guylaine Lajoie-Belliveau - Innovative products that help you live long, live well and live younger.

Luc Morin Enterprises - Products that transform your life!

Marissa Allain Art - Expo face-painting! Free for children 12 and under. Appearing, Saturday, 1 - 4 PM and Sunday, 10 AM - 5 PM.

Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana Society & East Coast Cannabis Substitution Program - Advocating for chronically and critically ill patients who consume cannabis therapeutically. | Supporting positive change for people experiencing addiction challenges.

Medicalux & O2 Hyperbaric Centre - Innovative, time tested and medically proven approaches to look and feel your best!

Melaleuca with Elwood Cleary - The Wellness Company, enhancing lives by helping people reach their goals.

Michael Bunnett, RMT and Dylan Rice, RMT - Working with a range of massage and neuromuscular techniques to improve back pain, sciatica, inflammation, repetitive strain injuries, the physical affects of pregnancy, migraines and many other conditions.

Norwex with Shanie Cormier and Roxanne LeBlanc - Safer, healthier and more sustainable cleaning and personal care solutions.

Oceanside Crystal Designs - Custom jewelry design incorporating benefits of crystals. Tell us your needs and we design suggestions.

Omega Alpha Canada - Human, pet and equine supplements manufactured with the best ingredients and standards for all products.

On The Go Mobility - Experience the SNAPnGO, a portable, foldable, lightweight, stand-and-sit mobility solution! Folded size - 40" x 16", base-weight - 31lbs and maximum rider weight - 300Lbs; the SNAPnGo is helping people stay active and connected!

Pain & Mobility Clinic - Myofascial release for fibromyalgia, headaches, neck, back & more.

Quality Soul Coaching with Christa O'Neill - Rise above trauma and negative coping behaviours. Effective strategies for overcoming trauma associated with negative societal beliefs, poverty, inequality, oppression, abuse, violence, threats, chronic stress, discrimination, isolation, loss, grief, disability, illnesses, accidents and physical injury. 

Radon Repair - Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. All homes have some level of Radon, what's yours?

Savonnerie Olivier Soapery - Natural products that restore and maintain pH balance and help bring relief to symptoms associated with various skin sensitivities and conditions.

Solve Your Debts - For more than 25 years, helping people get and stay financially healthy through accredited credit counselling, budget mentoring, and tailored financial education programs. 

Super Patch with Cathy Gage - Get back to feeling good and feel good every day! Athletic Performance like never before. Clinicially tested, scientifically proven technology that you wear on your skin. Drug and supplement free.

Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada - Canada's leading provider of rehabilitation therapy and healthcare services for individuals with vision loss.

Wanderlust Excursions - Breathing life into your travel dreams. Personal travel planning and group tours.

Watkins & Naturals North Creations with Joanne & Fred States - Natural personal care and food product with custom crafted crystal jewelry.

Young Living Essential Oils with Larry K and Joanne L Haley - Essential oils & aromatherapy.

Yvonne Barry Beliveau Consulting, Registered Massage Therapy - Pain and stress relief and improve your well-being.

2024 Presentations and Workshops

This year's Expo will showcase 21 presentations and workshops. We are delighted to help elevate the voices of these great speakers!























**Keynote: Be Fulfilled. Embrace life from Reel to Real**
Andrew Holmes - Founder, Love Over It
In a world where the promise of a polished life is ever-present, true fulfillment resides in embracing every experience. From the extraordinary to the mundane to the traumatic, acknowledging the richness that each brings to our lives is the key. Our focus determines our reality, as does our avoidance. Let's learn to embrace the real and not the reel and, in turn, find true fulfillment.

Focus on YOU Series - 4 Presentations - 30 minute sessions - Bilingual

**Focus on Skin with Dr. Jean-Claude Quintal and Marie-Eve Aubé RN**

**Focus on Fat with Dr. Jean-Claude Quintal and Monica Despres RN**

**Focus on Muscle & Toning with Dr. Jean-Claude Quintal and Monica Despres RN**

**Focus on Sexual Health with Dr. Jean-Claude Quintal and Marie-Eve Aubé RN**

Clinique Energii - Gold Sponsor 

We believe true beauty lies in self-confidence. With our state-of-the-art medical-grade technology, you can discover a newfound confidence that radiates from within. We are proud to host 4 presentations on the following topics over the 2-day Expo event. We are ready for your questions, let's start a conversation!

**A Better Sleep for a Better You**
Angie Cummings - East Coast Sleep Clinic, Silver Sponsor 
A fun and informative talk about good sleep habits and tips for a more restful night. Find out if Sleep Apnea might be affecting your health and quality of sleep. Get all of your questions about sleep answered.

**Preventative Health-Care & Holistic Weight Loss Solution**
Chris Goguen - Simply for Life
Discover the common challenges hindering weight loss, learn practical strategies for change, and explore the 3 key pillars of holistic weight loss. Imagine waking up full of energy, confident, and surrounded by a supportive community! Don't miss out on the chance to win 3 months free access to our Healthy For Life program!

**The Science of Connection & Stress Resilience: Vagus Nerve 101**
Dr. Nadine Cyr BA, ND
We are wired for connection. And we are all on a lifelong quest to feel safe in all aspects of life. Our ability to connect and adapt to both ordinary and extraordinary stress, lies in the strength of our Nervous System and its Vagus Nerve. Join Dr. Nadine to learn how our Nervous System & Vagus Nerve is at the root of optimal physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

**Presented by ECKANKAR**
Solving Problems. Why Is This Happening, and How can I Fix It?

**How I Lost 115 lbs and How You Can Too!**
Jordan Best, Health/Mindset Coach, Professional Speaker, Musician
Join Jordan as he shares his transformative journey, providing insights that challenge conventional health industry norms. What is truly necessary, physically and mentally, to lose weight, break bad habits, gain confidence and become the happiest and best version of yourself?

**A Reiki master's Journey to Japan** 
Lorinda Weatherall - Integrative Health With Reiki 
Have you ever wanted to see the unique hot spots related to the origins of Reiki and its founder, Mikao Usui? Join Lorinda as she shares photos and memories of her April 2023 adventure.

**Human, Pet and Equine Supplements Manufactured with the Best Ingredients** 
Junhee Choi, RHN, RYT, Nutrition, Somatic & Energy Healing Education Consultant

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals

**Meditation Made Easy - A Group Exercise**
Lorinda Weatherall - Integrative Health With Reiki
Everyone can meditate, but how do you get started? Let a Reiki Master be your guide in this fun and relaxing way to start your Expo day!

**Powered With Light-Rise To The Call**
Anne-Marie Collette
It is time to lift the veil on false beliefs. What you previously held as truth was only a portion of the truth. Let yourself shine knowing you are an energetic Being of Light.  Come learn how to harness your own “energy light” and embark on a path of optimal health and wellness. This is it… a wake-up call to a more happy fulfilling and enriched life.

**Vision Loss Rehabilitation NB Overview - Who we are? Who we serve? How we work?**
Lori Carson, Employment and Transition Lead
We are an organization that serves people with vision loss in the province of NB. In partnership with various supporting agencies, we provide rehabilitation service to persons ages 15+ with vision loss. Working with our Navigators, each client identifies their goals and then works with our certified/licensed staff on action plan to reach those goals. No one with vision loss should ever experience the loneliness and fear that can be associated with their medical conditions. We ensure that each client and their families have an ally in our Navigators and are able to lead their progress in their rehabilitative journey.

​**Life Hacks for a Long and Healthy Life**
Joanne Rolfe, Women Rock MidLife
If you had a magical wand to zap away your health struggles, how would that transform your life's awesomeness now and in the future? Let me spill the beans on how I rocked my health game and guided others to crush their health goals.

**Is Medical Cannabis Right for You?**
Marcel Gignac, Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana Society and co-host, The 420 Radio Show
Understand the differences between recreational and medical cannabis and it's therapeutic uses and benefits. Followed by a Q&A session for you to get the answers you are looking for.

**Journey of the Soul**
Elizabeth Rose, BFA CIM CI (

Elizabeth works with clients around the world. She describes her experiences as a Hypnosis Instructor, Past Life Regressionist and Deep Trance Channel. Since 2011, Elizabeth has channeled God, Christ, Angels and Ascended Masters who release past life and present life trauma, surface spiritual gifts, provide spiritual guidance while healing clients at the soul level.

**Preventative Health-Care & Holistic Weight Loss Solution**
Chris Goguen, RHN - Simply for Life Riverview
Discover the common challenges hindering weight loss, learn practical strategies for change, and explore the 3 key pillars of holistic weight loss. Imagine waking up full of energy, confident, and surrounded
by a supportive community. Don't miss out on the chance to win 3 months free access to our Healthy For Life program!

**Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy**
Jason Cormier, Hyperbaric Technician & Safety Director - O2 Hyperbaric Center
Learn more about a new approach to healing and inflammation reduction from the clinical director of Atlantic Canada's first private center.

**Your Hearing Health & Dementia**
Michael Moody, Audiologist & Krista Lalonde, Hearing Instrument Specialist - Hear Canada
How you can advocate for your hearing health and how hearing loss affects other health conditions? Learn how you can be in charge and how we can help.

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